CDC urges public to stop using THC vaping products as investigation into lung injuries continues

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are warning people to stop using THC vaping products as doctors continue to examine lung injuries across the country.

Friday, officials said 77 percent of people examined in the recent outbreak of lung injuries reported using THC products or both THC and nicotine vaping products.

Officials say the investigation into what is causing the lung injuries is ongoing. But, at this time, they are urging people to avoid using THC vaping products.

“CDC has made it a priority to find out what is causing this outbreak of lung injuries and deaths and we’re making progress,” said CDC Director Robert R. Redfield, M.D. “We continue to work 24/7 with state partners and FDA to protect our nation from this serious health threat.”

Nationwide, the CDC has 805 confirmed or probable cases of lung injuries linked to vaping. In Minnesota, the Department of Health reports 51 confirmed or probable cases and 27 others that are under review.

Earlier this month, health officials said a 65-year-old man had died in August from lung injuries after using THC vaping products.

This week, a drug task force seized thousands of THC vaping cartridges in Anoka County. Police valued the more than 76,000 cartridges at $3.8 million. One man is now facing charges in the case.