Caregiver admits to stealing thousands in cash, jewelry from elderly patients

A personal care attendant is charged with stealing thousands of dollars from more than a dozen of her patients at a senior high rise apartment building in Edina, Minn. over the course of eight months.

According to the complaint, more than 15 elderly residents reported cash or jewelry had been taken from their apartments at the senior high rise living facility, Edina Park Plaza, at 3330 Edinborough Way between November 2014 and June 2015. The combined total losses reported by the victims totaled $9,985.

Janna Holter, 24 was the personal care attendant of 13 of the victims. As a caregiver, Holter was entrusted with access to the apartments of the residents in her care, many of whom were considered vulnerable adults confined to wheelchairs. Residents reportedly became suspicious of her because she had been seen spending a lot of time in the closets and other places in their apartments where the stolen money and jewelry was kept.

In one case, Holter stole $3,000 from the safe where the victim kept money she was saving for her grandchildren. 

Holter admitted to stealing money from the dresser drawers, safes and clothing of the residents in her care. She is being charged with one count of felony theft.