Calls for Rep. Thompson's resignation continue at Minnesota State Capitol

Calls are growing louder at the State Capitol for Representative John Thompson to resign, but there is no indication that will happen any time soon. 

In the wake of Friday’s FOX 9 report uncovering four cases of domestic abuse allegations, DFL House leaders and Gov. Walz all called for Thompson to step down.

"The question here is this is about taking a principled moral stand about something that is not acceptable to serve in the legislature," Gov. Walz said.

Monday morning, House GOP Minority Leader Kurt Daudt sent a letter to Speaker Melissa Hortman stating they would file complaints with the House Ethics Committee if Hortman didn’t act.

Speaker Hortman will reportedly meet with House lawyers to plan their next steps. They already met Friday about questions of Thompson’s residency, since he has a Wisconsin driver’s license.

Thompson already has an ethics hearing this Friday for a previous complaint, stemming from an argument on the House floor.

Thompson’s lawyer on Sunday suggested the police reports were fabricated and part of a smear campaign. Those reports were all found through individual records requests from multiple departments.  

"I am disappointed; this situation just doesn’t have a good ending," Gov. Walz said. "It’s sad. Those of us who serve in public office, as I’ve always said, we do need to be held to a higher standard."