Brit's Pub greeter Freddie Manton dies at age 90

The “ambassador” of Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis, Freddie Manton, passed away Tuesday night at the age of 90, the restaurant announced on Facebook Wednesday. 

As the pub host, Manton was one of the first faces customers see when they walk through the door—best known for his charming one-liners. 

“Fred was a loving father and grandfather and a much-loved friend to thousands of people and it is no lie that he made an impression on everyone that he met,” Brit’s wrote on Facebook. 

Manton was a part of Brit’s right from its start in 1990 after a friend convinced him to move from the United Kingdom to Minneapolis to get involved in a new pub. Over the next 28 years, he did everything from managing the pub to manning the front door. He was also known to bang around on the drums in the back room occasionally. 

“An amazing drummer and music teacher, a restauranteur like no other and a wonderful storyteller (almost all true!), Freddie’s enthusiasm for life was infectious and an inspiration for us all. He never had a bad word for anyone and right to the end, his mind was as sharp as tack and his wicked sense of humor fully on display,” the Facebook post read. 

A few years before he died, Manton told FOX 9’s Amy Hockert that despite his age, he had no plans to quit his role at Brit’s anytime soon. 

“As long as [Brit’s] can put up with me, that’s about the extent of me being around,” he said. “Until they say, let’s get rid of that old dude.” 

Brit’s said Manton passed away peacefully at his home. 

“God bless you our dear, dear Freddie and as you would say…Cheerio!” the restaurant staff said.