Bloomington authorities file charges against Black Lives Matter MOA protesters

A scene from the protest

- UPDATE -- Charges: Officers infiltrated Black Lives Matter meeting, were spit on by MOA protesters

Despite efforts to persuade Bloomington officials in favor of a different course, criminal charges have been filed against Black Lives Matter protesters who shut down part of the Mall of America last month.

A press release distributed by the city of Bloomington says that 10 protesters "have been formally charged by the Bloomington City Attorney's Office with crimes related to the demonstration to include Unlawful Assembly, Public Nuisance and Disorderly Conduct." A total of 25 were arrested, and the release doesn't rule out that more charges could be forthcoming.

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Before announcing the charges, the release notes that the Mall of America "has had a longstanding policy in place that does not allow protests or demonstrations on their site" and adds, "The Black Lives Matter group was informed that it did not have permission to gather and demonstrate" in the MOA.

Since news first broke that authorities were considering charges against the group, Bloomington City Attorney Sandra Johnson hasn't returned a number of messages we've left with her office seeking comment. The press release noted above refers all further questions to Bloomington Deputy Police Chief Rick Hart.