Australian zoo celebrates orangutan’s 50th birthday with snacks and giant banner

An Australian zoo celebrated one of their orangutan’s birthdays with presents filled with her favorites snacks and the video is so wholesome.

Perth Zoo celebrated Puteri's, the zoo's female orangutan, 50th birthday on June 12.

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Video recorded by the zoo showed a giant colorful banner in the critter’s enclosure that read: “Puti. Happy 50th birthday. 50 years young!”

Puteri is seen in the video wandering over to the boxes of gifts and appears to be perplexed by the giant banner. She and another orangutan in the enclosure enjoy the treats inside the boxes together.

The zoo described Puteri as being a “gentle soul.”

Puteri “is very maternal and loves watching human children from her exhibit – she is absolutely delighted to have people back at the zoo,” the website read. “When any of our zoologists are pregnant, she’s also been known to gently stroke their growing bellies, almost sharing the pregnancy with them.”

She is the zoo’s oldest female orangutan and is the mother to the first zoo-born orangutan that was released back into the wild in 2006, according to the zoo’s website.

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The zoo reopened on Puteri's birthday after closing its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic on Mar. 24, according to a news release. 

"Perth Zoo’s Chairperson, Grant Robinson said the Zoo had not been closed a day in its 122-year history, so the decision was not made lightly," the news release stated. 

Storyful contributed to this report.