As coronavirus puts many out of work, some Minnesota businesses need workers

(FOX 9)

Efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus have had a massive impact on the economy in Minnesota and across the globe.

Hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans have lost their jobs because of concerns over the coronavirus. But, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development says there are still plenty of industries that are hiring in the midst of the pandemic.

"Obviously delivery is one of the best options they have for restaurants, and delivery is what we do," explained Sarpino's Pizza owner Simon Dimitrov.

At Sarpino's Pizza in Richfield, business is up 10 percent since the governor announced his stay at home order to stop the spread of COVID-19. But, the pizzeria needs to hire three or four more delivery drivers to keep up with the increase in customers.

"To find the right person for the job, you got to hire five to nine people to find the one gem that stays with you," Dimitrov explained. "So we never turn anyone away, period."

Fast food delivery is one of the hottest occupations companies are looking to hire in Minnesota right now. Others in the top 10 include nursing assistants, customer service representatives and registered nurses, along with social and human services assistants, personal care aides, and software developers.

State leaders say even though many businesses have closed their doors for the time being, there are still some signs of hope for people looking to find work in the current climate.

"People will do anything to get a job, but we are open to everybody," said Dimitrov.

With 90 percent of Sarpino's sales coming from delivery, the need for drivers is urgent and finding them will set their business up for success, any way you slice it.

"We need good people," he added. "I hope we find them sooner rather than later but patience is a virtue and I have confidence we will find good people."

To see a list of job openings here in Minnesota, you can check out the DEED website.