Amir Locke shooting: Al Sharpton to deliver eulogy for Locke

Reverend Al Sharpton is now slated to give a eulogy at the funeral for Amir Locke, the man killed by Minneapolis police last week.

Locke's parents appeared on Sharpton's MSNBC show on Sunday afternoon to discuss the deadly shooting, that came as Minneapolis police executed a "no-knock" search warrant at an apartment off Marquette Avenue on Wednesday morning.

Locke, who was apparently shot while sleeping on a couch, was shot within seconds of police entering the apartment. Police say Locke had a gun in his hand – which his parents say he owned legally.

While again calling for justice and peace in the wake of his son's death, Andre Locke also asked Reverend Sharpton to participate in funeral ceremonies for Amir.

Sharpton said he will be glad to do the eulogy. In a release, Sharpton reps say planning for the funeral is still underway.

Reverend Sharpton also participated in funeral services for George Floyd in 2020 and Daunte Wright last year.