After deep freeze, Minnesotans enjoy outdoor fun during warmup

After plenty of below zero weather over the past two weeks, Minnesotans are looking forward to temperatures in the 20s and 30s. (FOX 9)

After nearly two weeks in the freezer, temps in Minnesota are warming up, making for some opportunities to enjoy the winter weather.

Friday afternoon, dozens of people went out for a speed-skating session at Roseville's Oval. It's the busiest the ice rink has been in weeks.

Through the deep freeze, in fact, skater Greta Meyers had the giant sheet of ice to herself. She didn’t miss a session, no matter the temp, because she’s training to qualify for the Olympics.

But now that we’ve emerged from our meteorological dungeon, this place is booked through the weekend.

"The phone and emails are really busy the last couple of days," said Kevin Elm of Roseville Skating Center. "Kind of expected to sell out and sure enough by today they’ve all sold out."

Seven miles to the east at Keller Regional Park, an event that was supposed to happen last weekend will be underway this weekend. It’s called the Winter Sampler and it’s a chance to try cross country skiing and snowshoeing and sledding, all free of charge.

Now taking place this weekend and Cory Gilbert brought his girls out and 16 degrees felt like 32.

"Yeah, nice to get out and nice sun out here and it’s a good day," said Gilbert.

"We’re likely to be very busy, especially tomorrow, I would say," said Block. "But we’ll be here Saturday and Sunday, 11 to 3."

Across the metro, outdoor events now in full swing. Many bars and restaurants opening outdoor dining again and it feels like spring and the last chance for winter.