90-year-old Seattle woman walks 6 miles in the snow to get coronavirus vaccine

A 90-year-old Seattle woman walked six miles in the snow over the weekend to make sure she was on time for her coveted Covid-19 vaccination appointment.

Fran Goldman was determined to not only be free from the fear associated with contracting coronavirus, but also because she has grandchildrenshe wants to spend time with.  

Goldman has been trying for weeks to get the vaccine. She said it was a frustrating process that felt almost like a full-time job.

"I had been spending a great deal of my time trying to get an appointment for a vaccination and finally on Friday, late afternoon I got one. I woke up Saturday to all the snow and thought ‘uh oh’. I know that our driveway is inaccessible in the snow," said Goldman.

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Driving was out of the question, so she decided to spend Saturday doing a practice walk from her home in Seattle, along the Burke Gilman trail, to the hospital.

She went about two-thirds of the way and went home, confident that she’d get it done on Sunday. She says she arrived a little later than she expected, but made it there without any issues.

"I got my vaccination and then I was told I had to sit and wait 15 minutes to make sure there was no reaction and I said I’m delighted to sit," said Goldman.


While this weekend’s snowstorm was rare and unusual, it isn’t the worst snowstorm she’s had to endure.

Goldman moved here eight years ago from Cincinnati, Ohio, so she knows a thing or two about trudging through the snow.

She walked three miles there and three miles back and says she’s hoping her next appointment won’t be on a day when we get another winter storm, so she can drive.

Everyone around her, including her three daughters, say she is amazing for what she was able to do. Goldman said what she did was nothing special and she’d do it again if need be.