Minnesota weather: Light rain and cloudy Tuesday

Monday brought in a few more inches of rain. The total rainfall as this slow-moving low comes through is about three and a half inches. 

For Tuesday, the remnants of yesterday's rain are coming through with some weak showers throughout the day. The low pressure has passed over the metro area, leaving moisture and breezes out of the northeast, keeping the cloud cover around. 

Sunshine and highs near the 70s in the northern part of the state. Cloud cover keeps the Twin Cities area in the 60s. Tuesday's weather will be a mainly cloudy sky, with some off-and-on showers for the metro area and south of it. Parts of northwestern Minnesota will have sunshine and temperatures in the 70s all day. 

Overnight, some fog is expected, with low temperatures in the 50s to lower 60s. Wednesday's weather will be mostly cloudy with some sun, and maybe a stray sprinkle, with highs in the upper 60s. 

Expect a nice rest of the week with a high of 71 on Thursday, and a warm weekend with highs in the 80s Saturday and Sunday.