Minnesota weather: Breezy, blustery and bright

It's going to be a breezy couple of days in Minnesota. 

Blustery breezes are going to kick in on Thursday, with gusts up to 30-40 mph in Minnesota. This will make it feel much cooler than the high of 31 degrees that's forecast for the Twin Cities. 

But it'll be bright with plenty of sunshine on Thursday. The southern breezes will keep temperatures in the upper 20s overnight Thursday. 

We'll see a nice little thaw on Friday, with a high of 38 degrees and a brief reprieve from the breezes. But after that, a cold front hits, sending temperatures falling from the upper 30s Friday afternoon to potentially the upper teens by the late dinner hour on Friday. Add to that the 40-plus mph wind gusts, making it feel blustery. A dash of light snow is also possible. This could make Friday evening travel a bit rough for a few hours. 

Gusty breezes Friday night will lead to a cold day on Saturday, with a high of around 19 degrees. But there will be sunshine, and it'll be much calmer in the afternoon.

Sunday will be quiet, sunny and a bit warmer, with a high of 30 degrees. 

The seven-day forecast.