Spicy, meaty Super Bowl party recipes

I've never known game-day foods to be anything but bold flavors and packed with protein. Here are some of my favorite things that I grew up with my mother serving, only with a modern twist.

A few things that make entertaining easier for me are:

Cardboard baskets with wax paper liners that make cleanup a snap. - www.MNPopcorn.com

Keeping food warm is a breeze and takes up less counter space with Crock-Pot Hook-Ups - www.crock-pot.com/specialty/new-hook-up-connectable-entertaining-system

I like putting all of my condiments in Weck Canning jars. When entertaining outdoors the glass lids keep pesky bugs away, and are easy to lift off and place back on for guests. - www.WeckJars.com

Popcorn Maker that makes an endless supply of popcorn and keeps it warm by Waring - www.waringpro.com/catalog.php?pcID=141_158&product_id=556

Prepackaged popcorn with butter/salt packets as well as popcorn flavorings - www.MNPopcorn.com

Chili Corn Chip Sriracha Tacos

BBQ in a Jar

Feel free to use whatever type of meats, beans and slaw you desire. I've actually done an entire party with a host of various recipes so guests can click/clack play with interesting flavors. For this particular segment I used the following recipes:

Devil's Spit Hot Dogs

Jamaican Jerk Cocktail Wieners

Pizza Soup

...and something sweet

Pretzel Crust Caramel Brownies