Decorating with shells

I try to use natural elements whenever possible in my home, from plants to framed insects to rocks - whatever Mother Nature dreams up brings a sense of wonder and conversation - this is the case with shells. 

I recall as a young boy my mother having a large conch shell on our coffee table and just being amazed at the fact that it was created in nature, not to mention that I would pick it up and put it next to my ear to hear the ocean - all the way in Minnesota. 

What is great about adding shells to your home is that they add an organic, textural element - which works in any type of home. The good news is that adding shells to a room is within anyone's budget, they are very affordable.

I find beautiful, one-of-a-kind shells at 

Some shells are great on their own, due to their size - making a fantastic statement on a table, placed atop a stack of books or even used as a paperweight such as:

Carribbean Triton Seashell - $39,

Bullmouth Helmut Seashell - $24,

Romose Murex Seashell - $11,

Chambered Nautilus - $23,

Chambered Nautilus, half - $23,

Abalone Seashell - $12,

Some shells, although placed alone are nice, also look good grouped together on a table, in a compote or even framed separately or in a grouping such as:

Imperial Volute - $11,

Noble Volute - $11,

Lightening Whelk - $4.50,

Marlinspike Auger - $4.00,

Striped Fox - $8 -

Striped Tun - $5 -