Creating the ultimate Easter table setting

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Putting together the perfect Easter table is more about keeping a few points in focus, the rest can fall where it may. Spring entertaining means pastels/muted tones, which is actually very on trend right now in the tabletop industry. I live a #CollectedLife, so the pieces I am using are vintage and not readily available in stores. The key here is to casually shop year-round for these items so you aren't panicked when the holiday is a few days away. Here are some of my tips that I adhere to:

Muted/Pastel tones - This can be in the dinnerware or glassware you set your table with. New pieces are readily available, I tend to go the vintage route using Lu-Ray or Fire-King Jadite. I paired some vintage egg-shaped plates on the show with a gray-scale plate by Pillivuyt available at Williams-Sonoma or my faux bois dinnerware available at 50+ retailers across the country.

Glass, Glass and More Glass - Be it clear or colored, glass adds a sense of lightness to a table, which is perfect for Spring entertaining when meals become less heavy. I follow suit like in the dinnerware side of using vintage pieces I've collected for decades, even vintage milk glass in different shades or mixing bowls to serve dishes in - let your lifestyle determine what pieces you use.

White/Ironstone - White is essential all year round, yet more so with Spring due to the fact it lends to a cleaner/more crisp feel as the meal becomes lighter. I put ironstone in here because although it is no longer made, the color palate is a bit creamy and the history behind these pieces brings a sense of tradition to the table.

Natural Elements - Using wood, fresh herbs or vegetables on the table bring the outside - in. On the show I featured small nests I found, as well as olive wood-handled flatware that I found at Pottery Barn years ago.

Other elements to consider - Yellow ware bowls for serving, alabaster eggs (Williams-Sonoma sells them every year at this time), vintage glass covered dishes, pedestals/cake stand for placing dishes to keep the eye moving and add visual interest.