5 summer layering tips

by Sally McGraw, alreadypretty.com 

Many women rejoice in summer when it's finally warm enough for tank tops and shorts, but others cringe. Some are self-conscious about their arms, others work in offices with arctic air-conditioning. Whatever the reason, it helps to have some summer layering tips.

- You can still wear thicker jackets and sweaters so long as you pick ones in light, seasonal colors.

- Open-weave and lightweight knits are breathable, but offer plenty of coverage.

- If you want to keep your legs covered, don't feel obliged to wear capris or shorts. A short-sleeved tunic worn with leggings will still feel seasonal

- Keeping your neck covered will keep you warm overall! Opt for a scarf that's large, but thin and lightweight.

- Skip the open-toed sandals and go with a shoe that feels summery, but keeps your feet covered.