Thielen: 'Emotions were high' during exchange with Belichick

No – they weren’t exactly sharing pleasantries.

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen received national attention after having a fiery sideline conversation with New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. The moment came during a key point of a Vikings drive in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game.

Fox 9’s Jim Rich caught up with Thielen Monday night at his charity event at Top Golf for the Thielen Foundation. Thielen says the outburst came during a moment of frustration while emotions were running high.

“I felt like it was a situation where the guy was going down to fake an injury to try to provide time for them to challenge the play and it frustrated me,” said Thielen. “Obviously, you have to keep your cool in that situation. I’ll learn from that obviously in this league, there’s cameras everywhere and they’ll catch everything. It’s a good learning moment for me to make sure that I keep my mouth shut.”

The Vikings lost to the Patriots 24-10. Minnesota next travels to play the Seattle Seahawks.