Minnesota ROKKR pull off yet another reverse sweep

The Minnesota ROKKR only know one way to win: For the second time in two weeks, the Call of Duty League team pulled out a reverse sweep, this time taking down the Los Angeles Thieves on Sunday.

The ROKKR pulled off the comeback win during the second week of qualifiers for the Major II tournament, which is set to take place at the end of the month in Minnesota.

After narrowly dropping a close Hardpoint on Berlin (250-246), the ROKKR got thrashed in Search and Destroy on Tuscan. They were able to get back on track in Control on Gavutu, squeaking out a 3-2 win, highlighted by a Standy seven kill streak in the final seconds of the third game.

But, Attach was able to one-up Standy in the next Map. In the second Hardpoint, Attach wowed early on with an eight-kill street to help the ROKKR jump out to an early lead with the ROKKR grinding out a back-and-forth win over LA, 250-221.

With the Hardpoint win in hand, and momentum fully in their grasp, the ROKKR were able to easily take down the Thieves 6 to 1 in the Map 5 Search and Destroy.

Sunday's match played out similarly to the ROKKR's win over the Paris Legion, where the team lost a close Hardpoint and got pushed over in a Search and Destroy map before winning three straight. The team also, of course, executed the comeback of the year last season, pulling off a reverse sweep in the Stage V Major Championship. 

Speaking after the match, Standy talked about the ROKKR's struggles with respawn maps and Hardpoint in particular.

"I think we go over stuff and try to force certain plays or force certain situations on the map," he explained. "When in reality, we have to read the situation, know what's going on, react, and make the best play. And not force things on the map, just let the game come to us, read the situation and react accordingly."

Including the 0-3 loss to the Boston Breach on Friday, the ROKKR are now 2-2 in Major II qualifiers. They will get one more chance to improve their standing heading into Major II next weekend against the struggling New York Subliners. After two bad losses last week, and a roster change headed into this weekend, the Subliners were able to bounce back some on Saturday with a win against the Paris Legion, the worse team in the league.

But, Standy put the Subliners on watch. "We're going to come motherf---ing crazy for this next match."