Minnesota-based gaming organization Version1 adds new all-women Valorant team

VersionX, an all-women Valorant squad, is Minnesota's newest esports team. (Version1 / Supplied)

Version1, the owners of the Minnesota ROKKR, are bringing a new esports team to Minnesota.

Thursday, the organization announced it has added a new, all-women, professional Valorant team called VersionX. The new team will compete in the American circuit of the Verizon VCT Game Changers.

The roster includes:

  • Kiara "Milkyway" Blue Kukilakilaokalani Makua, who runs agents Astra and Reyna
  • Natalia "Natty" Jackson, who runs as Jett, Raze, and Viper and is the duelist main on the team
  • Rachel Lynn "Rush" Hang, who uses Sova and is the team’s initiator
  • Katherine "Karra" Lee, currently mains Sage and in the past has served as the smoker, playing Astra, Omen and Brim
  • Naomi "Naomi" Sauvola, she typically plays Killjoy and Cypher but also flexing Skye and is the sentinel for the team

VersionX will compete this weekend in the Verizon VCT Game Changers Series 3. Matches will be shown on Twitch and YouTube. Version1 says it will announce times and where to watch on Twitter.

VersionX is Version1's fourth esports team, joining the Minnesota ROKKR (Call of Duty League) along with its other Valorant team and its Rocket League squad.