Yarnbombing with the anonymous artist behind Knitteapolis

Yarnbombing is becoming very popular around the world. Instead of using chalk or paint, people are now using knitting as a form of street art. It can be as simple as stop signs to bike racks, but this is a growing form of art in the Twin Cities.

For the last year or so, one local Minnesota artist has been posting her collection of yarn work to Facebook and other forms of social media, and is encouraging other artists to do the same.

Yarnbombing started close to 10 years ago in Texas as a way for artists to personalize public spaces. Since then it’s become a very popular alternative for chalk and paint graffiti. Artists use their leftover and unfinished knitting projects and turn them into works of streets art.

“I usually go with guerilla kindness or random acts of kindness, something good and positive in the world for the sake of doing it,” the anonymous street artist said.

Keep an eye open when you’re at a stop sign and you may just see one of these yarn bombs hanging.