Woodbury police searching for thieves who stole 2 vehicles, including 1 with dog inside

Violet was inside a Lexus that was stolen from Walgreens, police say. (Woodbury Police Department)

Police in Woodbury, Minnesota are asking for the public's help as they investigate the theft of two vehicles, including one which had a dog inside.

According to officers, a group of four driving two other vehicles -- which are also presumed to be stolen -- stole two other vehicles in the city. One vehicle, a gold Durango, was taken from a parking lot at the Health East Sports Center on Radio Drive.

The other, a black Lexus GK SUV with the plates 445LFK, was taken from the Walgreens on Queens Drive. Inside the Lexus was a female labradoodle named Violet with a purple collar.

In both instances, the thieves prowled the lot, looking for something of interest -- like a purse or key fob in a vehicle.

Police are asking anyone who spots the Lexus or Violet to call police at 651-439-9381.