Woman tapes jackets throughout city for the homeless

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - A woman in the Pacific Northwest is showing what the holiday spirit is really all about.

Portland resident Gabby Kapler noticed all the homeless people in her city without coats or jackets.

So Gabby went to Goodwill, bought five jackets at $1-a-piece and taped them to polls around the city.

Gabby left a note with each jacket that said, "I am not lost! Please take me if you need me."

She posted a message on Facebook asking others to do the same.

"People are homeless, people are cold," the message said. "$5 to make five people less freezing, $5 to make someone sleep a little better tonight, $5 may be very little to me but very important to another. I encourage everyone to give this a try this season."