Woman fighting City of Lakeville to keep fox sanctuary

A Lakeville woman has run what she says is a fox sanctuary for the past year. But after breaking the terms of her permit, she fears the city is going to take it all away.

The Planning Commission Thursday night recommended the City Council should revoke the permit.

This comes after Mikayla Raines continues to take in foxes she says come from fur farms and have nowhere else to go.

This all started after Raines was issued an interim use permit for three foxes in 2016.

Without a permit, Lakeville City law does not allow for foxes to be kept.

In 2017, the city was tipped off that Raines now had more than three foxes.

Raines told Fox 9 she actually has nine and is running what she considers a fox sanctuary.

At the meeting, dozens showed up to make their voices heard with many voicing their support for Raines.

"It was a simple call from a fur farmer, saying a fox had three babies,” said Raines. “I chose saving the animals over obeying the city."

The city has received hundreds of emails from people across the country in support of Raines.

But city planners say it comes down to the law.

The City Council will have the final say at their next meeting on May 15.