Welcome to meteorological summer! Here's why it feels like we skipped spring

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Just six short weeks ago, we were digging out from the largest snowstorm in April history and a storm that would catapult the metro over six feet of snow for the 2017-2018 season. Then, on Memorial Day, we hit 100 degrees. I’m sorry, what?

If this were any other city in the country from Chicago, New York, Seattle or Denver, this would be national headlines. But because it’s Minnesota, it’s somehow just another year. 

Well, I can tell you that this has not been “just another year”. The large blizzard followed by record heat is the main reason why it feels like we have completely skipped over spring, but let me sum it up a little differently. We have gone from the fourth coldest April to the second warmest May since records began in 1872. No other year in recent memory comes anywhere close to a swing like this. In fact, you have to go back over 80 years ago to 1936 to resemble anything close. That year we experienced the 11th coldest April and the sixth warmest May.

Before you go all conspiracy theorist on me, just know that there is no evidence to support anything other than shear dumb luck was responsible for both of these big events. The right scenarios set up at the right time on the same year to give us this wild swing. I could dive deeper into the meteorology behind our strange spring, but it would be a 300 page book and nobody has time for that... so I guess you will just have to take my word for it.