Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal under police investigation after incident with fans

Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal is being investigated by police after an alleged incident with fans following a basketball game in Florida.

Authorities say it happened Tuesday, March 21 at the Amway Center just after a game between the Orlando Magic and the Wizards in which Washington lost 122 to 112.

Police say two fans were in the visitor's tunnel after the game to meet the players when one yelled to Beal, "you made me lose $1,300 you f***." Officers say Beal approached the fans, and with his right hand, swatted the hat off of one of their heads. "In doing so Beal made contact with the left side of his head, hitting him," said the incident report from the Orlando Police Department.

Investigators say they were shown video footage of the incident which shows Beal swatting toward the fans before an argument broke out. According to the police report, the fan who was allegedly struck implied he was not the one who made the comment.

Officers say Beal is heard on the video saying, "this is his job, and he takes it seriously." Officers also say the fan is heard apologizing to the NBA star.

Security video from the arena shows Beal turn around after the comment was made but did not capture the alleged incident.

The complaint was filed the following day with the Orlando Police Department and an attempt to contact Beal for a statement was made on Thursday. No statement has been given at this time. The police report also says the head of security for the Wizards was contacted and made aware of the allegations.

Police say the alleged victim "desires prosecution" in the case.

The case report says "probable cause exists to charge Beal with Simple Battery." The report continues that "charges will be filed at large with the State Attorney's Office."

"We are aware of the situation regarding Bradley Beal in Orlando but won’t have further comment until we've gathered more information," the Washington Wizards said in a statement.

Beal is 29-years-old and was drafted by the Wizards in 2012. He played college basketball for the Florida Gators and is a three-time NBA All-Star.