VIDEO: Univ. of Minnesota student on LSD confronts campus police

A former University of Minnesota student under the influence of LSD confronted campus police, and the incident was captured on surveillance video, providing a rare look at police use of force. Samuel Bolt, 20, was found guilty this week of two gross misdemeanors connected to the 2014 episode.

The surveillance video from inside Sanford Hall shows a confrontation between Bolt -- a freshman at the time -- and campus police. The video at first shows moments of emotional ecstasy, but soon shifted to uncontrolled mania. At one point, Bolt appears to reach for an officer’s gun belt, then kicks his feet and swings his arm. Bolt later admitted in court he was high on LSD.

Police use-of-force experts told Fox 9 that officers who used non-lethal force acted appropriately.

“By and large, officers handled that pretty well,” said use of force expert Joe Dutton. “They are trying to keep force low but they need to gain custody of this person and they are constantly making those decisions.”

Bolt apologized to his arresting officers on the stand in court, and went on to say he respects the court’s decision and will honor whatever punishment is handed down.