VIDEO: Semi nearly hits Minnesota troopers on icy Hwy 55

A semi nearly struck Minnesota troopers responding to a series of crashes earlier this month on Highway 55 and Barnes Avenue in Inver Grove Heights. The trooper in the semi’s path moved his squad after he heard his partner yelling on the radio to get out of the way. Nobody was injured.

“This is what happens when you don’t drive to road conditions,” the State Patrol said.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, 190 squad cars have been struck while parked by the side of the road since 2008, including 3 incidents already in 2017. As a result, 53 troopers have been injured since 2008.

The most common injury troopers sustain in crashes is a concussion. Since concussions require a significant amount of rest to heal, several troopers have required medical leave or light duty status, and one trooper had a concussion so severe he was unable to continue working for the State Patrol.

Minnesota’s Move Over Law requires all drivers to move over into another lane when a police vehicle, ambulance, fire truck or tow truck is pulled over along the side of the road. If you get caught not moving over for an emergency vehicle, it’s a $100 fine.

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