VIDEO: Daycare kids help rescue pair of dogs trapped inside sewer

A group of kids in at daycare in Savage, Minn. had the experience of a lifetime when they helped rescue a pair of dogs who were trapped in a storm drain.

Every morning, Amy Heinen and Elizabeth Murvartian Sanchez take the kids at their home daycares for a walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air and exercise. But, when they passed by the corner of 135th Avenue and Lynn Avenue, the two women and the kids were shocked to hear dogs barking, but could not figure out where it was coming from.

"It was odd out of place and then as we followed the sound, I swear its coming from the sewer. That's not normal,” Sanchez said.

After tracking the sound to a nearby storm drain, the group 911. When public works employees arrived, they removed the grate on the storm drain and pulled out two 40 pound dogs, named Bella and Beauregard, which had been trapped inside.

Neighbors believe the dogs chased a raccoon or rabbit into a storm drain at a nearby pond. The dogs likely dug under the grate of the pond’s storm drain and then crawled through a 12” sewer pipe for at least a block until they couldn't go any farther.

Both dogs are back with their owners and are doing well, however, Bella is still walking with a slight limp.