Video: 4-year-old Minnesota girl reels in 20-inch bass with Barbie fishing pole

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Reeling in a 20-inch bass would be an impressive catch for any angler, but especially for a 4-year-old girl armed with a Barbie fishing rod. A video of it captured by her father has now reached over 5 million views online.

Avery Mehta, of Eden Prairie, Minn., started accompanying her dad on fishing trips when she was only 2-years-old -- "Fishies love me,” she said.

With her Barbie fishing pole and ladybug boots, she's become the poster child of bass fishing. But Avery said her blue crab lure is the real secret. 

"They love to eat crabs, that's why I like to put this on and then I dip it in the water so they think it looks raw and they can eat it."

Her dad Ram Mehta said he had just gotten off work this past Wednesday when he and Avery quickly hit one of his favorite fishing spots in the Twin Cities. It was a rainy, overcast day, which usually means good fishing. 

Ram said he was on one side of the boat with zero bites and Avery was on the other when she landed the 20-incher.

"That's when I grabbed my phone and I said ‘okay start reeling Avery’ and you see her get up and that's when I knew she really had one,” Ram said.

As Ram manned the video camera, Avery reeled in a 20-inch largemouth bass, stunning her father and more than five million viewers worldwide.

"I let it go but I let it stay here for a little bit because I loved it,” Avery said.

Both Mattel and GoPro have already reached out to Avery. Mattel plans to send her some accessories to go with her pink pole, and GoPro told Ram they'll give him new equipment so he never has to shoot vertical again.