Veterinarians honored for CPR rescue of woman at Perkins

Three veterinarians are being honored not for their work in the field with animals, but for their actions inside a Perkins Restaurant in Cambridge, Minnesota.

On December 14, Carol Holland went into sudden cardiac arrest. 

Restaurant staff called 911, but as officers were in route, three veterinarians knew what had to be done in order to save her life. Jennifer Schurer and Laura Byers were among those who jumped into action and immediately started CPR.

“I think everyone pauses for a moment, but anyone can help and in that situation where everyone is just standing around, someone just needs to step up and help and it makes all the difference," said Schurer. "So you just tell yourself go and you go do it."

"It's not unusual that we do CPR, typically just on dogs and cats,” said Byers. “When the situation arose, we just jumped in. It probably helped a lot to have medical training like we do, but it was very different.”

“If it wasn't for these people, I wouldn't be here,” said Holland. "I wouldn't have celebrated Christmas or Easter. I have grandkids I want to see graduate, get married. I’m so thankful, very emotional."

The rescue happened in Isanti County, which is the first county to be recognized in the Minnesota as a "Heart Safe County" for the amount of AEDs they have across the area and the amount of residents who are trained in CPR.