Upcoming pretrial deadlines in Noor case

Ahead of a jury trial set on April 1 for former Minneapolis police officer Mohammed Noor, a Hennepin County judge outlined several deadlines for the prosecution and defense.

Noor is facing multiple murder charges in the shooting death of Justine Damond Ruszczyk in July of 2017. Noor was responding to Ruszczyk's report of a possible assault in an alley by her house when the shooting happened.

Judge Kathryn Quaintance filed an amended scheduling order Thursday morning to remind the attorneys of pretrial deadlines and also notify them of an upcoming trip, during which she will be unavailable. In the order, Judge Quaintance states she will be out of the country without internet access from March 15 to 23 and is asking the attorneys not to make filings during that time.

The order also contains dates, set previously in a scheduling order filed in September.

Friday is the last day for the defense and prosecution to disclose expert names and reports. Any general defense must also be provided by this day. Additional defense may be raised after this deadline through a proper showing.

Pretrial motions are due by February 15. A hearing to address those motions is set for March 1.