Unanswered questions after St. Paul playground catches fire

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It was a major disappointment for kids in a St. Paul neighborhood on the first day of summer when a popular playground caught fire. And parents in the neighbor believe it was intentional.

Parents are having a hard time to find the right words after a part of their kids' childhood has melted away.

"Who would want to let their kids come down here and let their kids come play with it like this?" Alexis Allen-Legore said.

The playground near Minnehaha and Johnson Parkway is now a danger in the neighborhood. Isleae Anderson loves the playground and now her favorite slide is as blackened mess.

No one knows who did it, or why they would do it. All that's left now is crime tape and unanswered questions.

"What if it happened to them... wouldn't they feel the same way I did?" Anderson said.

The playground could easily be replaced with a bit of plastic and metal, but for those that call this part of St. Paul home it was somewhere everyone could have fun.

"Now kids can't come down here and play, kids can't come down here and have fun," Allen-Legore said.