Twins players, legends play baseball with family on Father's Day

Even before the mad dash to get inside, fathers with connections to the Twins organization got the ultimate gift -- enjoying Target Field, all to themselves and their families

Ric Oliva's sons surprised him with a homemade breakfast. Then he brought his dad, who happens to be former Twins great Tony Oliva, out for a simple game of catch.

"So they spent some time with me, here at the ball park, and we play together, and that was the best gift I have," Tony said.

For Twins play-by-play radio announcer Cory Provus, this is the first time he's playing with his son on the neatly cut lawn.

"I recall fondly memories of growing up and going to a ball park with my dad," Provus said.

Then there's Felton Buxton, who's enjoying the day with his grandson. He said his stern parenting was done with love, and it helped his son Byron become the major leaguer he is today.

Brian Duensing's wife Lisa says the dads who've always been there, should be recognized.

"It's easy for him to come home from a game at 10:30 or 11 at night, and bring her a whole thing of cake and a bag of skittles," Lisa said. "Then he turns out to be the favorite parent."