Twin Cities Marathon prepares for Black Lives Matter protest

Two weeks after Black Lives Matter shut down the light rail before a Minnesota Vikings game, the group announced their plans for a similar protest during the Twin Cities Marathon next month. The event, #BlackMarathon, aims to shut down the Sunday, Oct. 4 marathon, according to the  Facebook page for Black Lives Matter St. Paul.

The group says they are protesting allegedly police brutality, particularly the recent incident recent arrest of 15-year-old Tyree Tucker in a park and the officer-involved shooting of Philip Quinn in St. Paul on Thursday. Protestors will meet in Boyd Park in St. Paul at 10 a.m., the group's Facebook page says.

Marathon organizers working with city, police

Twin Cities In Motion published the following Facebook post on Monday, saying they're "working closely with city officials to ensure the safety of all participants, volunteers and spectators."

City officials have informed us that the St. Paul chapter of Black Lives Matter is planning a disruptive protest during the running of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on October 4th. The chapter says the protest is in response to recent St. Paul police actions.

We are working closely with city officials to ensure the safety of all participants, volunteers, and spectators. City officials are advising on logistics and recommendations and we will share that with you as soon as it is available. We ask for your patience as we work on this, and want to reiterate that your safety is our highest priority.

Thank you for your understanding.

One runner's open letter to BLM

A Facebook post from runner Tina Hauser has received an overwhelming response. Hauser wants #BlackMarathon organizers to know "your choice to disrupt the marathon directly contradicts the very things you say you seek," and that "we probably have more in common than you may think." The posts, which has more than 6,000 likes, reads as follows:

Dear Black Lives Matter - I have refrained from commenting up until now, as any dissent is too quickly turned back as being racist or unsympathetic to your cause. While that could not be further from the truth, the reality is that your choice to disrupt the marathon directly contradicts the very things you say you seek. I understand you are planning to block our finish line next weekend. In fact, your leadership has said "They are putting a marathon over the importance of someone losing their lives.

On Sunday, people are going to see runners chasing dreams, doing what seems impossible, running for charities, running FOR LIFE. It is the culmination of months of hard work and dedication, often in the memory of those who are fighting for their lives or who have lost their lives. Runners are an incredibly diverse community of everyday folks who do extraordinary things; witness a marathon finish line and you will witness the human spirit in it's most amazing form.

If you succeed in blocking our finish line, you are doing more than stopping human beings from crossing a rubber timing mat. You are telling me that you do not value good citizens setting positive examples of perseverance and triumph. Running has saved lives in so many ways and has brought people and communities together by their shared passion for what it gives back - to them AND to others.
Instead, why don't you show up and support us, get to know us, and let us get to know you? We can bond over chocolate milk and bananas at the finish line. You'll discover that we probably have more in common than you may think.