Twin Cities Marathon canceled: Some determined runners still ran, fans cheered them on

Even though the Twin Cities Marathon was canceled, runners from all around were determined to run the race anyway. 

The marathon organizer, Twin Cities in Motion, canceled the race just two hours before it was set to start due to extremely hot temperatures. That didn’t stop some would-be participants who were spotted running the race anyway on Sunday morning. 

One runner who ran anyway, James Didier, told FOX 9 organizers could have handled the cancellation better by canceling earlier, saying the forecast hasn’t changed in the last couple of days. 

After Didier ran the marathon route he said, "It really wasn’t that bad, it only started to warm up towards the end."

Social media posts show hundreds of runners on the course, using their own supplies to deal with the heat and having locals coming out to cheer them on. 

Organizers say they will have answers on refunds or credits issued by the end of the day on Thursday.