Trailer hitch smashes into windshield near Montrose, Minn.

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A trailer hitch detached from a truck and flew into the windshield of another vehicle on Highway 12 near Montrose, Minn. earlier this month. According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the hitch bounced off the pavement and over the top of another car before smashing the windshield.

"It sounded like someone strapped a piece of dynamite onto my windshield," said Peter Pozorski.

The driver of the truck that lost the hitch did not stop. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

“This story is a good reminder to pay attention,” the State Patrol said in a Facebook post. “Your best defense when encountering an unusual event while driving is being attentive and scanning the entire roadway ahead of you. And remember: Check that all items are securely attached to your vehicle. This includes spare tires, toppers on trucks and cargo carriers. Anything that could become loose should be regularly checked for safe securement.”

Montrose is about 35 miles west of Minneapolis.