TOP TEACHER: Scott Magnuson of Eden Prairie High School

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Fox 9 is awarding its ninth and final Top Teacher this school year.

Scott Magnuson is a special education teacher at Eden Prairie High School. He works with students who have emotional and behavioral disorders.

Holly Anderson, his co-worker, nominated him for the award, calling him a "calming influence on kids who face some of the biggest challenges."

She described Magnuson as a teacher who puts his students first. Not only is he there in the classroom, but he also maintains relationships outside of school by taking students on fishing trips, visiting them at their jobs, and going to their sporting events and performances.

"He is able to read students and their needs very quickly, making him ideal for the position he holds," said Anderson. "He is never phased by situations students bring to the classroom which makes his classroom a safe and comfortable place for students to be no matter what is going on in their lives."

As a Top Teacher, Magnuson receives a $900 check from Royal Credit Union for classroom supplies, a Subway sandwich party for 50 friends, and a Top Teacher award.