Toddler falls from second-story window, unclear as to how

A 2-year-old boy fell out of a second story window in Surprise this afternoon.

A neighbor, Frank Nezdoba, says the morning was unusual to due to attendance of Surprise Police, fire units, and a helicopter.

"Nothing like this really happens here. It was kind of crazy. A lot of people were here with their cameras out getting pictures of the helicopters," said Nezdoba.

Viewer video shows the helicopter taking off and heading for the hospital.

"They just rolled him down and put him in the helicopter. His mom went with him so we're hoping for the best for him," said Nezdoba.

While details of how the child managed to fall are still unclear, Frank says it would be unfair to place blame on the parents, adding that the top priority of emergency responders was to get to the child as quickly as possible.

"Their major concern was just that there was nothing in the way for the helicopter to actually land and that they could get the boy here safely," said Nezdoba.