Terminally ill coach, comic book fan hopes to see 'Justice League'

After a decade-long fight with cancer, a Minneapolis high school softball coach is down to his final weeks. Now, his kids are doing all they can to try to make one of his last wishes come true.    

Troy Quenemoen is a coach, fisherman and a huge comic book fan. He loves super heroes, and his kids think he is one. So, they’re hoping to find a way to make a wish come true.

“I was about 10 when he was diagnosed, so it’s just something I’ve grown up with, something I’m very used to,” Troy said.

Eli Quenemoen and her younger sister and younger brother are on a mission to do something for dad in the time he has left.

“My kids…they’re just amazing,” Troy said.

Troy Quenemoen is known around south Minneapolis sports and began coaching when his kids were little. He followed them as they grew and for the past five years, he’s served as the girls varsity softball coach at Roosevelt High School.
“There’s a lot of girls who’ve just grown up with him, almost like a second dad,” said Ben Quenemoen. “We actually had a few of them over the other day and they’re just talking, making jokes about all the fights they got in and how my dad had to pull them apart.”

He did most of that coaching while fighting cancer, diagnosed 11 years ago with multiple Myeloma, a cancer that attacks bone marrow.

Last week he learned he’s got only weeks left.

“He’s been super amped to see ‘Justice League’ and ‘Thor’…it’s all he’s been talking about,” Ben said.

“He has an undying love for all these comic books that he’s read through the years. He’s told me stories of him growing up watching Superman, Batman…reading all the comics that came out,” Eli said.

Eli put her plea on Reddit, then shared to Twitter and Facebook hoping to catch attention.

Hardly a day later, they got a response and Troy got the chance of a lifetime.

“It was a lot of fun,” Troy said.

But a critics’ screening of “Justice League” is still two weeks away, and they don’t know if he’ll be strong enough to leave the house by then.

Their mission is to get dad to see it as soon as possible.