Teen arrested at Winona High School for Maywood, Illinois murder

A 16-year-old boy was arrested at Winona High School in southeastern Minnesota on Thursday in connection with a drive-by shooting murder case in Maywood, Illinois. Police said the boy is a WHS student, but the Illinois murder has no direct ties to the Winona area or the high school.

Investigators in Maywood called Winona police on Wednesday afternoon with information the teenager was in the area. Police found the boy at Winona High School at about 9 a.m. Thursday and arrested him without incident.

Stephanie Cox, a student at Winona Senior High School, was shocked to learn Winona police arrested a fellow student on school grounds Thursday morning.

"It's just scary to know that someone had done something and he's just roaming around like absolutely nothing happened," Cox said.

Reportedly, the teen was involved in a Facebook dispute with another teen over Facebook posts. During the drive-by shooting the juvenile shot at the other boy involved in the social media spat, but missed. Instead, another teen was hit who later died from the gun shot wound, according to Detective Terence Powell with Maywood Police.

Many of the students couldn't help but wonder why school officials didn't even bother to send a letter or email to at least inform them of the arrest.

"The fact that we didn't even know about this is really scary because this could be a friend of ours and we don't even know it," Danneka Voegeli, a senior at the school, said.

The boy's identity has not been released.