Tanker carrying chemicals crashes on Hwy. 23 in Ogilvie, Minn.

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Photo credit: Daniel Scofield

A tanker truck carrying a solution of sodium hydroxide rolled over on Highway 23 in north central Minnesota Wednesday morning.

The crash occurred at 3:49 a.m. near the intersection of Highway 23 and E. Rutherford Street in Ogilvie. The Kanabec County sheriff’s office says none of the chemicals spilled out of the truck and a second truck will be used to transfer the liquid.

The sheriff’s office says there is no risk to Ogilvie residents at this time.  A nearby school has an emergency plan in place if needed, but has not been evacuated.

The State Patrol said there were injuries in the crash, but the extent of the injuries has not been determined.

Highway 23 will remain closed until the tanker has been removed.