Swiftie stepdad from Minnesota goes viral on Reddit

To say 13-year-old Sophia Ridley loves Taylor Swift is an understatement. 

"[Taylor] is such a good role model. She's kind, she teaches so many good lessons in her interviews and songs and stuff," said Ridley.

Photos, records, books – even her clothes and calendar - are blanketed with all things T-Swift.

"It's just kind of taken over our household entirely... she plays Taylor Swift all the time in the house, the music is constantly going," said Sophia's stepdad, Rob Sharbach.

He recognized the "Taylor takeover" and decided to join in on the obsession as a way to further his connection with his stepdaughter.

He even hopped on Reddit, following a Swiftie fan page just so he could see the latest news and keep up in the conversation.

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"I wasn't super active on it. I was more kind of just watching. I wasn't posting anything myself," said Sharbach. 

He extended an online thank you to the fan community. 

"My daughter's face lights up like you wouldn't believe when I start dropping knowledge," he wrote. 

"Thank you for being such a wonderful fan base. I'm glad she's a part of it."

The post went viral. 

"It just built on an already solid relationship, solid communication. It's just built on it so much that (Sophia and I) have a lot more to talk about," said Sharbach.

Being a stepparent can be a tough job, but Rob's dedication to strengthening his relationship with Sophia through music makes it all look easy. 

"When you're dating, you're always thinking- it's not just you, it's for your kids... so to see them form a really special bond and just be really close...it makes you feel like you picked good," said Kristen Scharbach, Sophia's mom and Rob's wife.