Stillwater police look for wine bottle in search for Abbey Russell

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The Stillwater Police Department is asking boaters and slip owners to search for signs of missing woman Abbey Russell. Police are also looking for a Mouton Cadet clear glass wine bottle that should be left untouched and considered as evidence if found. Anyone with information should call police at 651-351-4900 or the tip line 651-351-4945.

Russell, 24, was last seen and heard from late Friday night into early Saturday morning, April 25, when she left the house she was sharing with a friend north of historic downtown Stillwater, Minn. She apparently left on foot, leaving behind a purse, car, phone and beloved dog. Investigators have said there's no evidence that foul play was involved, and family and friends are begging those across Stillwater for help in the search efforts.


Russell's family is from Fall Creek, Wisconsin. She just moved to Minnesota April 4 and was looking to start anew close to friends and other family, moving in with a friend that she worked with in Eau Claire. After work on Friday, she had a few drinks with her Pub 112 coworkers. Just before she was last seen, she was on the phone with a close friend in Wisconsin. Her friend asked Abbey to hang on, that she'd call her right back. Police said right after the call is when she left on foot.

"We have text messages that indicate that she didn't want to go out that night because she had to be at work at 9 a.m. and was going to work a double," Stillwater police Sgt. Jeff Stender said. "Roommate has been completely cooperative and forthcoming and there's no indication of foul play."


Abbey is described as 5-foot-7, 150 pounds with green eyes and shoulder-length brown hair.She has a large tattoo of flowers and feathers that wraps around her upper right arm and down to her elbow. She also has a tattoo of a single black flower on her left forearm and written words under he left armpit. Abbey has a pierced nose and pierced ears.

Stillwater mayor pledges support

Mayor Ted Kozlowski posted the following message on Facebook: