Stewart Mills officially launches second congressional campaign

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Former 2014 congressional candidate Republican Stewart Mills announced Tuesday he has officially entered the congressional race and giving it another go against 8th District incumbent Democratic Rep. Rick Nolan.

“I’m thrilled to continue the fight to take the commonsense values of 8th District voters to Washington. Every day we see that the status quo is not sustainable and new ideas are badly needed. Obamacare continues to hurt working class families; too many folks in the 8th District struggle with unemployment, and our mining industries are suffering. In Congress, I will fight fiercely for our priorities and answer only to 8th District voters,” said Mills. “In 2014, I decided it was time to stop talking about the problems facing our country and start doing something to solve them. I intend to finish what I started, and look forward to working for the people of the 8th District," Mills said in a news release.

It was a close race, Mills losing by one percentage point. Rep. Nolan tallied 129,090 votes and Mills had 125,358.

In September, he announced at an 8th District GOP event in Duluth that he’s forming a committee to weigh-in on another run.

Mills is also donning a new hairdo after cutting off those flowing, iconic locks featured in Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee attack ads, one depicting Mills as yachting, lobster-eating, boat shoe wearing millionaire.