State Rep. Slocum receives death threat after introducing gun bill

Over the last week, Democrat State Representative Linda Slocum has received thousands of emails since introducing one of the most expansive gun control bills in Minnesota.

Most have been critical, some have been downright nasty. She's been cussed out, compared to Hitler, called a whale and other sexually lewd comments, but one message stood out from the rest.

“He threatened to kill me,” said Slocum.

The Richfield representative was startled when she listened to the man's voicemail and then a follow-up email. She does not want to identify him because of safety concerns, but described part of his message to Fox 9.

“I have my gun and I’m ready to come and get you and it was very threatening,” said Slocum.

As a former teacher and a long-time politician, Slocum says she's used to being called every name in the book, but this was different. She contacted the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office who is now investigating the threat.

“I will file charges if I hear from him again,” she said.

Slocum's bill covers a wide variety of issues when it comes to gun control including banning assault weapons, registering ammunition and prohibiting people behind on child support from buying firearms. Slocum says she's welcome to a healthy debate.

“I am way open to conversations, concerns, but I’m way not open to uncivility, to the rudeness and the death threats,” said Slocum.

She wants opponents to know she won't back down in fear after seeing the latest school massacre in Florida.

“How many times do we have to see kids die?” she said. “How many times do we have to see kids scared out of their minds?”

Representative Slocum has also asked Richfield police to come by with extra patrols near her house when they can.