St. Louis Park police warn of tire, wheel, rim thefts

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(Vehicle not involved. Photo credit: St. Louis Park PD)

The St. Louis Park police department is warning residents and visitors to take caution after rims, wheels and tires were stolen off six cars since mid-March.

Police say the pieces were stolen from vehicles parked in front of homes in the Birchwood neighborhood and that the thefts appear to be random.

Residents are encouraged park in a closed garage whenever possible, and if parking outside, turn your wheels when parking. This makes the wheels harder to remove, because they get stuck in the wheel well. The car's steering column lock makes it difficult to turn the wheels forward again without the key for the ignition.

Officials also say to park in an area with lots of traffic and in view of surveillance cameras or a motion-triggered security light. People can also install a car alarm that includes sensors attached to the wheels or use wheel locks on each wheel, including your spare.

Police are still investigating the incidents. If you have any information, call 952-924-2600.