Smart parrot controls smart devices

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This story may have you feeling dumber than a bird.  That’s because a parrot in Orlando has mastered the use of Alexa and Google Home. 

“Alexa all lights on,” Petra said. “OK,” Alexa responded. 

It’s a smart device controlled by one very smart talking parrot. 

Petra the Congo African Grey Parrot may not be from the Amazon, but she has mastered Amazon’s Alexa. 

“Alexa, hello!” Petra said.

Just shy of four years old, Petra knows more than 300 words and has become an internet sensation thanks to her owner’s viral videos on YouTube showing Petra’s clever communication with the voice-controlled system. With a life expectancy between 50 to 70 years, there’s no limit to what Petra can learn. 

“She’s very intelligent,” her owner said. “She loves turning the lights on and off.”

“Alex all lights off,” Petra said. “OK,” Alexa responded. 

“The lights are on, they’re off and I know what the weather report is all day long,” her owner said. “She’ll say what’s the weather?” 

“Whatcha doin?” Petra said. 

“We are teaching her how to use Google Home,” Petra’s owner said. “Now she has them talking to each other.” 

But like any new trick, Petra likes to be rewarded. 

“I want a peanut,” Petra said.