Shakopee House announces closure citing ‘economic slowdown’ as part of reason

In an announcement on social media, the Shakopee House and Rum Row Basement Tiki Bar say they will be permanently closing after this weekend.

Unable to find a path that would ensure a successful future, according to the post, the 100-year-old building that the restaurant concepts were housed in proved to be "too big of an undertaking during a current economic slowdown, even after making it through the government shutdowns of COVID."

"Its sheer enormity, with four bars, four patios, and multiple dining rooms, coupled with not just one but two floods in our first year, proved too great of a challenge to overcome during this economic slowdown," the post said. "After surviving COVID and the mandated shutdowns that came with it, we thought we had made it through the darkest days hospitality would ever see. In many ways, this is worse."

FOX 9 previously covered renovation efforts of the building, which lead to the discovery of a hidden tunnel accessible through moveable bookshelf.

Owner Tony Donatell wrote in the announcement they would work to secure staff positions at his other restaurants where possible, noting some are currently short-staffed. Proceeds from the final weekend of business will go to staff to support their transition to other employment.

In addition to offering gratitude toward its patrons, the post includes a warning of what other restaurants are facing, saying, "At the same time that most people are cutting back on dining out, our industry faces escalating costs, a labor shortage, and rising rents. If you want independent restaurants to survive, support them, say encouraging things, and tip generously for good service because the owners and service industry workers are struggling."

Following the closure, the Rum Row Tiki Bar will relocate to the back room of Tequila Butcher in Chanhassen.