New supper club opens in Shakopee with themed basement bar

What’s old is new again in the dining industry. Supper Clubs are popping up all over the Twin Cities. The newest addition is in Shakopee, in the former Dangerfield’s space. While the main floor of Shakopee House gives off 1920’s glam, the basement offers something quite unexpected. The Rum Row Tiki Bar is all about escapism. At the same time, it’s an ode to the restaurants past. During renovations, the team discovered a suitcase in the walls. Inside were post cards, bottles of rum and drink recipes. The restaurant owner was able to figure out who’s briefcase it was and even spoke with his family. He was a rum-runner during prohibition who had dreams of opening is own bar. They’ve done it for him in the basement of Shakopee House. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday.

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