School bus with 15 kids on board crashes, slides into ditch

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Photo from Hibbing Fire Department

A school bus with 15 kids on board collided with a car and slid into a ditch in Hibbing, Minn. Tuesday morning. 

The bus was struck on the driver's side by a passenger vehicle with one female occupant at Hwy. 5 and Townline Rd.  Of the 17 people involved in the crash, one child and the bus driver were transported to UMCM Hibbing for evaluation with only minor injuries.

As seen in the photos, the passenger vehicle was severely damaged. But according to the Hibbing Fire Department, "the bus appeared to do a very good job at keeping its occupants safe."

A second bus was sent to the scene after the incident to transport the remaining uninjured 14 kids to school. The cause of the crash remains unknown. 

"We are grateful that there were no serious injuries in what could have been a tragic accident," Hibbing Fire Marshal, Bryan Fagerstrom, said. "We would like to remind people the importance of attentive driving, and remind kids how important it is to remain seated while riding in a school bus."